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AIRLEO vs. Portable Aircon

AIRLEO vs Portable Aircon

Since AIRLEO hit the market, there have been quite a few number of questions and comparisons to the different cooling devices that are available in the market. The most common comparison would be against a portable aircon and since many have asked, lets do a simple comparison on 3 key points – Power Consumption & Yearly Cooling bill, Installation & Exhaust Temperature, lastly, Noise Level. Let’s see how AIRLEO match up with a portable aircon.  Power Consumption & Yearly Cooling Bill While most portable aircons are using the market standard refrigerant, AIRLEO is using a new and more expensive refrigerant which is high in...
Qanvast x AIRLEO

Qanvast x AIRLEO: Aircon Bill Way Too High? AIRLEO Cooling System reduces it by up to 80%!

The new cool kid on the block. If there’s one thing Singaporeans love complaining about, it’s the weather. And while aircons keep us really comfortable, they have a knack for giving us a shock when the electricity bill arrives. On the other hand, fans won’t break the bank – but they just don’t feel as good. What if we told you there’s a third alternative that’s both comfortable and cost-effective? Enter AIRLEO, a mobile cooling system to beat the heat without incurring sky-high electricity bills. Here’s how it works. 1. It focuses on cooling you, instead of the entire room Imagine coming home from a really...
AIRLEO Air Cooler - World's First Cooling System

AIRLEO – The Future of Cold, Cooling Lifestyle is Here!

SINGAPORE, August 27, 2022 –  AIRLEO Technology Pte Ltd has created the world-first air cooling system that generates cold air at 1/8th electrical cost of conventional air-conditioning and does not produce hot exhaust air and at the same time very environmentally friendly. Named AIRLEO, this system rides on proprietary patented technology, creating a revolutionary breakthrough within the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) industry after more than 10 years of research and development in the making. Plug-and-play, energy-efficient device that consumes only 1/8th* of electricity required by conventional air-conditioners *In comparison with a system 4 multi-split air conditioners   World-first Breakthrough For the first time, people are...