AIRLEO vs Portable Aircon

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AIRLEO vs. Portable Aircon
AIRLEO vs Portable Aircon

Since AIRLEO hit the market, there have been quite a few number of questions and comparisons to the different cooling devices that are available in the market.

The most common comparison would be against a portable aircon and since many have asked, lets do a simple comparison on 3 key points – Power Consumption & Yearly Cooling bill, Installation & Exhaust Temperature, lastly, Noise Level.

Let’s see how AIRLEO match up with a portable aircon. 

Power Consumption & Yearly Cooling Bill

While most portable aircons are using the market standard refrigerant, AIRLEO is using a new and more expensive refrigerant which is high in energy efficiency and very environmentally friendly.

Assuming a run time of 8 hours a day and at $0.3288/kWh, we can see that AIRLEO’s cost of cooling is only 1/10 that of a 14K BTU portable airco! AIRLEO is a lot more energy efficient and saves much more on your electricity bills.

In this comparison, AIRLEO clearly takes the lead.

Installation & Exhaust Temperature

This round, let’s compare the mobility and exhaust temperature of both machines.

Typically, a portable aircon will need an exhaust hose to be installed to disperse the warm air out of the house as the exhaust temperature is usually above 48 °C. Thus, it needs to be placed by a window or door.

AIRLEO, on the other hand, needs no exhaust hose at all as the exhaust temperature is near to the ambient temperature which will not affect the surrounding temperature.

This is one of the main features of AIRLEO.

It goes even lower if water is added to the unit.
You can also keep your windows and door open while using AIRLEO.

Without the need for an exhaust hose, you can technically place AIRLEO anywhere in the house!

Talk about true portability and exhaust temperature.
AIRLEO, is once again, the clear winner.

Noise Level

airleo vs portable aircon noise level

In our final round of comparison – the noise level between both machines.

The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit used to measure sound level and is widely used in electronics, signals and communication.
Typically from a portable aircon, the noise level ranges from 50 to 70 dB, depending on the BTU.
In comparison, AIRLEO’s noise level goes below 50 dB, which is near or lower than the level of moderate rainfall.
Do note that the noise level could be affected by the environment the unit is being deployed at.

Nevertheless, AIRLEO ‘quietly’ took the win.
After 3 rounds of comparison, AIRLEO knocked portable aircon right out!

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