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AIRLEO Air Cooler - World's First Cooling System

SINGAPORE, August 27, 2022 –  AIRLEO Technology Pte Ltd has created the world-first air cooling system that generates cold air at 1/8th electrical cost of conventional air-conditioning and does not produce hot exhaust air and at the same time very environmentally friendly. Named AIRLEO, this system rides on proprietary patented technology, creating a revolutionary breakthrough within the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) industry after more than 10 years of research and development in the making.

Enjoy AIRLEO Air Coolers - World's First

Plug-and-play, energy-efficient device that consumes only 1/8th* of electricity required by conventional air-conditioners

*In comparison with a system 4 multi-split air conditioners  

World-first Breakthrough

For the first time, people are now able to truly enjoy cold air wherever they are, without any need to install airconditioning units, air-con trunking, or even exhaust pipes to dispel hot air from portable aircon units out of their windows. Instead, users can simply plug and play the AIRLEO wherever they like and enjoy genuinely cold clean air at their fingertips.

This proprietary technology, termed Low-Temperature Evolutionary Ozone (LEO) explains the genesis of its product’s brand name, AIRLEO. Unlike traditional air-conditioning that operates using high electrical requirements to cool down a large room environment, AIRLEO seeks to create a clean, cold spherical space around people, using a targeted point-and-shoot system that uses only 1/8th electricity that conventional air-conditioning consumes.

This is made possible via its unique internal propeller blades that create a 3-D air flow using a circular air vent that projects cold air in a circle-like motion, creating a cooling sphere, cooling the user with immense efficiency.

 No to Global Warming While You Cool

Since the invention of air-conditioning, it has been one of the leading contributors to climate change due to the cooling process of air-conditioning by affecting the thermal energy in the atmosphere. However, as the earth gets warmer, our need to stay cool becomes more important. With air-conditioning accounting for as much as 0.5-degree Celsius increase in global temperature by the end of this century as calculated by the World Economic Forum, it is vital for us to stay cool without further contributing to greenhouse gas emission.

Committed to protecting the environment, AIRLEO is equipped with a refrigerant that is way lower than the current portable and split aircons. While in current common portable aircons and most split aircons, the refrigerant used has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of over 2,000. The refrigerant used in AIRLEO has Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and a GWP of only 4, which poses bare minimal harm to the earth.

Cold Clean Air, Indoors or Out

Setting many firsts because of its proprietary technology, AIRLEO allows users to bring down the ambient temperature while enjoying natural ventilation. Unlike conventional habits where people need to compromise between natural air ventilation or having cold air, AIRLEO is suitable for use whether indoors or outdoors. This means users can open windows within their homes while cooling themselves, solving an age-old problem of stale cold air when using air-conditioning. On this premise, users are now able to bring cold air outdoors, projecting a cooling sphere around them wherever they are, provided there is a power outlet nearby. Wheels and handles come built-in, making it truly portable, indoors, or out.  AIRLEO also comes equipped with a medical-grade UVC LED module that is capable of killing pathogens and bacteria in the air passing through it.

Home-grown Brand, World-class Innovation

As a homegrown brand boasting world-class innovation, AIRLEO is the brainchild of CEO and Chairman of AIRLEO Technology, Mr Joel Ho, who is seeking to put Singapore on the global map with its leading-edge technology. 

 “The AIRLEO is a first-of-its-kind innovative solution that addresses the needs of consumers who want to stay cool while saving money and energy. By providing a hassle-free way to cool their spaces without needing an air-conditioning unit installed in their homes or offices, they can truly enjoy sanitised cold, clean air, indoors or out, without worrying about high costs or environmental damage. As a Singapore brand, AIRLEO is designed from the ground up to deliver an unparalleled consumer experience with our proprietary patented technology after a decade-long of research and development,”

said Mr Ho.

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