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Qanvast x AIRLEO

Qanvast x AIRLEO: Aircon Bill Way Too High? AIRLEO Cooling System reduces it by up to 80%!

The new cool kid on the block. If there’s one thing Singaporeans love complaining about, it’s the weather. And while aircons keep us really comfortable, they have a knack for giving us a shock when the electricity bill arrives. On the other hand, fans won’t break the bank – but they just don’t feel as good. What if we told you there’s a third alternative that’s both comfortable and cost-effective? Enter AIRLEO, a mobile cooling system to beat the heat without incurring sky-high electricity bills. Here’s how it works. 1. It focuses on cooling you, instead of the entire room Imagine coming home from a really...
AIRLEO Mono Duo Eco Air Cooler Introduction

Introducing AIRLEO, the World’s First Hoseless Personal Air Cooling System

https://youtu.be/oGori-WnTyI Yikes, the electric bill scares us too. Your AC must be the culprit of your rising electricity bill. Gone to great lengths like them to stay cool or warm just to save on your energy bill. A collaborative effort between AIRLEO and A*STAR, Innovation Factory @ SIMTech to realize the product for a global market. From Singapore to the world For any season. For any occasion. For any moment. Suitable for your young ones. Suitable for your quiet time. Suitable for your workout. From concept sketches and sharing... to finalizing every single detail Working on our internal mechanical design... to approach the global market. The temperature of blown air from AIRLEO Duo Eco Air System Reading for Heating...
AIRLEO Air Cooler - World's First Cooling System

AIRLEO – The Future of Cold, Cooling Lifestyle is Here!

SINGAPORE, August 27, 2022 –  AIRLEO Technology Pte Ltd has created the world-first air cooling system that generates cold air at 1/8th electrical cost of conventional air-conditioning and does not produce hot exhaust air and at the same time very environmentally friendly. Named AIRLEO, this system rides on proprietary patented technology, creating a revolutionary breakthrough within the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) industry after more than 10 years of research and development in the making. Plug-and-play, energy-efficient device that consumes only 1/8th* of electricity required by conventional air-conditioners *In comparison with a system 4 multi-split air conditioners   World-first Breakthrough For the first time, people are...