Qanvast x AIRLEO: Aircon Bill Way Too High? AIRLEO Cooling System reduces it by up to 80%!

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Qanvast x AIRLEO
Qanvast x AIRLEO: Aircon Bill Way Too High? Try This Mobile Cooling System Instead!

The new cool kid on the block.

If there’s one thing Singaporeans love complaining about, it’s the weather. And while aircons keep us really comfortable, they have a knack for giving us a shock when the electricity bill arrives. On the other hand, fans won’t break the bank – but they just don’t feel as good.

What if we told you there’s a third alternative that’s both comfortable and cost-effective?

Enter AIRLEO, a mobile cooling system to beat the heat without incurring sky-high electricity bills. Here’s how it works.

AIRLEO features

1. It focuses on cooling you, instead of the entire room

Imagine coming home from a really hot day, and having to wait 30 minutes for your aircon to bring the entire room to your desired temperature before you can start to cool down yourself.

Well, no need for that with AIRLEO! It works as a point-and-shoot appliance that instantly creates a zone of cold air around you – making it a much more energy-efficient way (read: lower electricity bills; more on that later) to keep you cool.

Video illustration of how AIRLEO creates a ‘bubble’ of cold air around you

Note, however, that AIRLEO is not meant to completely replace your split or portable aircon at home. This is particularly so if you require a large space to be cooled entirely, like when you have guests over in the living room and require cold air at every corner.

So yes, it’ll still be good to have aircons around the house for special occasions. But for the most part, AIRLEO will definitely do the trick – faster and cheaper.

AIRLEO front curve

Adjustable opening controls the angle/direction of 3-D airflow

2. Just plug and play, no installation needed

Another way that AIRLEO differs from aircons (split or portable alike) is that no exhaust hose is needed to funnel hot air out of the room. Instead, its patented technology keeps the ‘warm’ air channeled out from the back to near room temperature.

Source: YouTube

What this means is that unlike traditional portable aircons that need to be installed close to a window, you can place the AIRLEO literally anywhere in your home. Now that’s truly portable.

3. It’s compact, aesthetic and saves electricity

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If you prefer, you can even remove the mobile casing and place it on your console or table!

As a local brand, AIRLEO understands the struggle of living in a small home. At just 40cm x 33cm x 70cm (approximately the size of a small carry-on luggage), AIRLEO was designed to take up way less space than a portable aircon would. From an aesthetics point of view, it also really helps that AIRLEO is way more stylish with its sleek, minimalist design that fits seamlessly into any interior.

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AIRLEO comes in two neutral colours, Piano Black (left) and Ivory White (right), that match any interior aesthetic

And the cost-savings are just as impressive as it looks. On average, AIRLEO uses 4 times less energy than a portable aircon, and 6 times less energy than a single split aircon system. This means that AIRLEO will really help cut your electricity bill quite significantly in the long run:

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Comparison of annual energy costs for split aircons, portable aircons and AIRLEO*.

*Assuming 8 hours a day and 0.3228$/kWh and based on laboratory measurements. Results may vary with usage.

Plus, AIRLEO has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) rating of just 4, 150 times lower than average split aircons on the market, making it an exceptionally environmentally friendly choice!

4. Allergy-friendly, and can be used in an open-air environment

For those with allergies, this one’s for you. Because aircons require a closed room to keep the cold air in, dust and airborne allergens are repeatedly circulated in the air (yikes). As such, many people with allergies are unable to use them despite feeling warm and uncomfortable at home.

AIRLEO, on the other hand, can be used with your windows wide open, giving you a constant supply of fresh air while regulating the temperature of your immediate area. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you keep your doors and windows open while using AIRLEO.

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AIRLEO with UVC Sanitization Module turned on

But that’s not all. AIRLEO comes fitted with a medical-grade log 1 UVC LED module that kills pathogens, bacteria and viruses that pass through, giving you not just cold air, but cleaner air as well. That means never having to choose between keeping allergies at bay or sweating through the night, ever again!

5. Maintenance is so easy, you can do it yourself

And forget having to arrange for regular servicing, or the hassle of cleaning fan blades that always seem to be trapping copious amounts of dust. AIRLEO comes with a removable filter cover (i.e. no screws required) that can easily be removed and rinsed under running water.

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AIRLEO’s snap-on filter cover can easily be removed for cleaning – no tools required!

The only maintenance needed is to empty the water tank (used for the condensation of water vapour during the cooling process) once every few days*. Once the water level is close to reaching its 2.4L limit, AIRLEO will automatically trigger an alert and stop the machine from functioning. Simply discard the water, and you’re good to go again!

*Depending on usage

Keep cool with AIRLEO

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Faster cooling, lower electricity bills, no installation and environmentally friendly; AIRLEO is definitely the smart choice for savvy homeowners to beat the heat at home. And speaking of smart, it’s also Wi-Fi 2.4-compatible so you can control it via the mobile app while lying in bed, or while you’re on the go if you forgot to turn it off before leaving the house.

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