Introducing AIRLEO, the World’s First Hoseless Personal Air Cooling System

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AIRLEO Mono Duo Eco Air Cooler Introduction
Yikes, the electric bill scares us too.
Your AC must be the culprit of your rising electricity bill.
Gone to great lengths like them to stay cool or warm just to save on your energy bill.
A collaborative effort between AIRLEO and A*STAR, Innovation Factory @ SIMTech to realize the product for a global market.
From Singapore to the world
AIRLEO (Any season)
For any season.
AIRLEO (Any occassion)
For any occasion.
AIRLEO (Any moment)
For any moment.
AIRLEO is energy efficient
Suitable for your young ones.
Suitable for your quiet time.
Suitable for your workout.
From concept sketches and sharing…
to finalizing every single detail
Working on our internal mechanical design…
to approach the global market.

The temperature of blown air from AIRLEO Duo Eco Air System

Reading for Heating Mode: 48.9°C / 120.0°F
(Note that ambient temperature is at 28.0°C / 82.4°F)

Due to variance of relative humidity and other factors, users can expect AIRLEO heater to dispense air temperature no lesser than 18 to 20°C / 64.4 to 68°F higher than ambient temp. Note that the heater function does not have 80 percent energy-saving capabilities.*

Reading for Cooling Mode: 10.3°C / 50.5°F
(Note that ambient temperature is at 28.0°C / 82.4°F)

Due to the variance of relative humidity level and other factors, users can expect AIRLEO to dispense air temperature no lesser than 7.0°C / 44.6°F cooler than the ambient temperature.

Wind speed of AIRLEO Duo Eco Air System

Reading for Fan Speed 1: 7.9m/s
Reading for Fan Speed 2: 9.2m/s

Demonstration on how to use AIRLEO App

Risks and challenges

Backed with over 10 years of R&D, our team of experienced engineers and designers have addressed and resolved many major technical hurdles with this product. At this stage, we have AIRLEO Mono EcoAir System already out in the market and a prototype for AIRLEO Duo EcoAir System in place. We want to make sure that the system reaches your hands in top quality, and when it comes to large-scale manufacturing, no product development process is free from hiccups. As some changes might occur, the delivery could take a longer time than the estimated delivery date. We sincerely thank you for your support and understanding!

Something else

Low GWP Refrigerant AIRLEO is equipped with a refrigerant that is way lower than the current portable and split aircons. While in current common portable aircons and most split aircons, the refrigerant used has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of over 2,000. The refrigerant used in AIRLEO has Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and a GWP of only 4, which poses bare minimal harm to the earth.

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